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The rules for the Ubergroup on Mastodon are the same as on Scribophile:

There is only one hard rule: Don’t be an a**hole. You may be political, be politically incorrect, swear like a sailor, discuss adult subjects, discuss the contents of critiques, or whatever you like as long as you are not spiteful or troll-like about it.

If you take any issue with another member, bring up it up to your captains, the mods, or me. We will do our best to handle it with kindness and discretion. 98% of issues are resolved without penalty. “Being an a**hole” is generally defined as continuing spiteful, non-constructive, or toxic behaviour after a juried evaluation and moderator request to change. Aggressive, rapid-fire trolling is subject to immediate removal without trial.

Legal notes: We make every attempt to follow German and US law.