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I Religions of Rome by Mary Beard, et al. It's a highly academic text lent to me by a friend, intended for undergraduate religious studies students, I suspect. Once upon a time, I was once such student -- I still enjoy delving into the topic, so I think I'm going to my reading of the text.

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This is my Cycle 35 spread for my writing and critique obligations for The Ubergroup, my writing group on Scribophile. Created with archival pen and brush pen, it's a very and practical way to keep track of what I need to do and when I need to do it by.

I've pretty much gotten away from weekly and daily and monthly spreads and more typically organize my according to the tasks at hand.

Does anyone know why dogs sniff/exhale in door thresholds? She's just like inhale-exhaling at the side of the closed door like she's trying to blow it down and she does it all the time.

@lilithsaintcrow so I'm reading our new shifter book and I read the line about the hot dog buns out loud to my husband, who is an engineer. His comment was "I can tell she's a writer, not a mathematician, because she said 40 instead of 80. [pause] That's a compliment. Readers can interpret the bigger number easier." He's a nerd but I'm loving the book and already recommended it to two friends!

OK so if someone spilled oil all over the bottom of your oven, would running the self-clean cycle fix the problem or just set your house on fire?

is there some like nonbinary blogger or youtuber or smth that speaks openly about existing with a uterus and being nonbinary and all that shit bc I need some encouragement right about now. bonus points if PCOS

Hello Mastodon! Perhaps you would like some high-res line art to color? Here is one that I drew:


Releasing under :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: license β™₯️

#art #mastoart #lineart #drawing #creativetoot

Yesterday I went for a two hour walk and had a nice time playing except I ran out of pokeballs for the walk back, and there aren't a lot of gyms or pokestops near me -- it's 1.5 miles to the closest gym, and the one pokestop that's closer than that is at a marine supply store so I can't exactly camp it for restocks.

The local is a gym, though, and I'm genuinely considering taking my notebook and posting up there and getting some work done outside of the house.


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Weird side effect of my kid being in a very multi-racial daycare is that she tends to say brown things are black. At least, I assume it's from daycare, where she'd see lots of black kids and understandably start to assume brown and black are the same colour...either that or she just sucks at identifying brown correctly.

I haven't exercised my set logic neurons enough recently, and was wondering if someone could help.

If i have 3 sets:

s1 = {1}
s2 = {1, 2}
s3 = {1, 2, 3}

Is there a set operation I can perform on s1, s2 and s3 to find the element 3?

Or maybe there isn't an operation to do that?

One night a while ago #Medium annoyed me enough that I made a browser extension to fix all the "engagement" / nag UX.

Today I launched a little site for it: makemediumreadable.com

Hi! I'm Dani, a language and literature high school teacher in Spain. I'm interested in networking , ICT development and, above all , getting done the much needed educational transformation.

I'd also love to see the very rich spanish teacher Twitter scene here. Some of them are very qualitity assets tired from how things are going ther and are just leaving... to nowhere.

Besides that, I love music, bicycles and motorbikes, caffe, good journalism and tasty chocolate coulants.


Trying to get a version of the cooking show $10 meal challenge into a drawing class. Something like, "Do something with $10 of media from a dollar store."

I really hate the misconceptions about the social structures of wolf packs, the whole bullshit about alphas, betas and omegas that that stemmed from empirical observations on a pack of captive and starved wolves is still part of the collective imagination

Ok, this is cool


Compress all the html/js/css necessary to make a one-page website *into the link itself*

Couple notes for mastodon.social moderation:

If you're reporting someone for spam, please include at least one toot in the report, it saves time for us. Especially important if you are reporting someone for DMs, they are not visible in our UI unless they are included.

Don't report sex workers for "illegal in the US", this isn't the US. If you don't want to see anyone from switter.at, open the profile of anyone from switter.at and choose "Hide everything from switter.at" in the dropdown menu.

Phantom of the Opera is about a creator’s relationship with their own toxic fandom

You guys, the Phantom is Reddit

12-16 hours ago, someone posted the letter they're sharing with their clients about Gutenberg and how they will be recommending their clients do NOT use it, and instead use the plugin for the classic WP editor, come August.

There were some really helpful reasonings and links, and i can't seem to find the toot or the link.

any chance the author sees this and could share their post again? or does anyone remember the post?


It feels great to be adding RSS feeds like it's 1999 again. Many blogs have not been updated in years, but I am grateful for the ones sill active!

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Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, do something for the pure pleasure of it.